Lemon juice saved my hair!

Hello it’s been sometime that I felt like writing a post, life has been a bit up and down, but hey life's a rollercoaster! I'm getting all personal and gross in today's blog post as sometime's beauty hurts or in my case itches... You already know I like trying new products and finding a gems, [...]

How I get my best skin!

I love face masks! They’re a great way to get some instant results to your skin, from hydration to cleansing or even extraction of annoying impurities they can give your skin the TLC it needs. When I want my best skin for going out and getting a great base ready for makeup, I cleanse my [...]

L’oréal Purity Mask | REVIEW

L’oréal Purity Mask | REVIEW

Skincare products are right up there (maybe slightly behind) my passion for makeup. Looking after my skin has increased my confidence as I've been able to improve aspects of my skin which used to bother me.- I hated the size of my pores and was constantly using pore filling primers like Benefit's POREfessional (£27.50), which [...]

My Fave Skincare Tool

Skincare is such a personal ritual. For myself it varies depending on my hormones, if I'm feeling lazy and my budget. I like to change it up every couple of months to see if a product is actually beneficial like my Garnier Rose Toner; I went without for a couple of months and I'm never [...]