British Beauty Brands I Love!

The beauty industry is ever growing and the competition is fierce. Honestly if I name all the brands in my collection it’s mostly made up of American brands, as that’s what’s popular and what I want to review for you guys. Today I thought I’d share a bit of love for British brands I’m a [...]

£5 Fast Base | Is it worth the hype?

Happy Monday everyone! ♥︎ After the massive success of Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Define concealer (£4) which I can testify is amazing quality and way up there with high-end concealers, the brand's Fast Base (£5) release was greatly anticipated. Shade F3- Unedited image When it comes to foundation I tend to stick with what I [...]

My Fave Skincare Tool

Skincare is such a personal ritual. For myself it varies depending on my hormones, if I'm feeling lazy and my budget. I like to change it up every couple of months to see if a product is actually beneficial like my Garnier Rose Toner; I went without for a couple of months and I'm never [...]

Peachy Vibes

I love peach! When it comes to the actual fruit I'm not too fussed, but when the shade and smell of peach is in makeup I am a massive fan. The peachy hues are really complimentary to my pale skin tone, they liven it up and gives me a warm summery glow.-At least that's what [...]

Is Revolution’s Vivid Baked Highlighter worth the hype?

Is Revolution’s Vivid Baked Highlighter worth the hype?

The Vivid Baked Highlighter (£3) from Revolution has been getting some good hype, even from Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel. It’s a highlighter I’ve wanted to try for a while now, except I could never find the lighter shades as they were always sold out here in Plymouth. The last few weeks I’ve been trying [...]

The UK’s Answer to the Kylie Lip Kit? | The Retro Luxe Kit

The UK’s Answer to the Kylie Lip Kit? | The Retro Luxe Kit

On Friday, I decided to get out of the “arse end of nowhere”, which is Plymouth, as the shops here are good but lack new trends. I headed up to Exeter, which is only two & half hours away from London by train compared to Plymouth which is three & a half. Not to my [...]