Ramblings on a snowy day

Hello again, One minutes it’s snowing, the next the suns out and it’s like Spring; as I’m writing this it’s a cold snap (for now) and I’m sat up against the radiator getting toasty. I’m struggling to stick with a topic to write about and have been going back and forth between a couple of [...]

Will I be getting anything from Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series?

This post is a bit late and I’m tired, but I’m doing Day 9 of Blogmas even if it's technically Day 10... I guess if I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still Day 9 (right?). On the 13th of December Kylie Cosmetics is doing a massive release of not one, but three new product [...]

Peachy Vibes

I love peach! When it comes to the actual fruit I'm not too fussed, but when the shade and smell of peach is in makeup I am a massive fan. The peachy hues are really complimentary to my pale skin tone, they liven it up and gives me a warm summery glow.-At least that's what [...]

Kylighter | REVIEW

Hello everyone, hope you had a great long weekend! Highlighters are one of the most coveted makeup products in the beauty community this year, it seems everyone wants a heavenly glow. Being as pale as I am, I find it difficult to find a highlighter which doesn't make me look like the tin man or [...]

Barely Legal Kylie Cosmetics | REVIEW

Hello again! I haven't reviewed any makeup here on my blog since March, instead concentrating on skincare products as cleaning and minimising my pores has been my prerogative. My pores aren't a massive problem but the other month my boyfriend said my nose looked like a strawberry (apparently it was compliment) and I've been at [...]