Rose Gold Remastered | REVIEW

Happy Monday! I’d been holding out for ages to get the original Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, as I was intimidated by the pink and the price. I’m happy I waited as I adore the Remastered palette. The metallic shadows have a unique formula which make them feel sort of wet reminding me of ColourPop’s [...]

Crayola Beauty | REVIEW

Growing up I had that massive set of Crayola Crayons, fifteen plus years later here I am not being able to decide what crayon I want to use, but this time it’s for my face. Crayola Beauty has come out with a 58-piece range of colourful nostalgic products to get you all creative. Crayola Beauty [...]

Magic wand makeup remover?!

First thing in the morning I’m going to be frank with you, my makeup can often look like utter sh*t. But, then again sometimes I spray my face after taking complete care and the setting spray has made my eyeliner and mascara run. I’d seen these cute Make Wand makeup remover (£6.50) by Too Cool For [...]

Lemon juice saved my hair!

Hello it’s been sometime that I felt like writing a post, life has been a bit up and down, but hey life's a rollercoaster! I'm getting all personal and gross in today's blog post as sometime's beauty hurts or in my case itches... You already know I like trying new products and finding a gems, [...]

Eye Sheet Masks , WTF?!

Hello! I’m back and here with an odd face mask, specifically for the eyes… Maybe it's not that odd as we chuck slices of cucumber on our sensitive eyes. If you have an office job like me, you’ve probs experienced the soreness involved with dry under eyes. The extended staring and the hideous artificial light [...]

KKW Beauty Dupe?!- WTF?

Primark aren’t known for their quality, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking. It's affordable products and I do shop there, as I’m a poor millennial. Whilst browsing I saw this stand… Like WTF?! It’s a total rip off of the KKW Beauty Crème Contour and Highlight Kit ($48). There were brushes and it looked [...]