Let’s Connect ♥︎

Day 8 of Blogmas and I’m stuck, I have no idea what to post and I’m determined to not  give up on posting everyday! So how about we connect on social media? I love seeing what you guys are up to! I’m over on Instagram (@mahala_fashion), Facebook (mahala.blog) and Twitter (@MahalaFashion93).

Primark Shower Jelly | Hit or Miss?

Hello! Every time I think of the word jelly my mind runs off singing Boutilious, you know “I don’t think you’re ready” that’s it… it’s in my head now! I really liked the Whoosh shower jelly (£3.95) from Lush I reviewed maybe half a year ago, it mixed up showering and it was a novel […]

M&S Advent Calendar Days 1-6

Hello! The M&S advent calendar what can I say so far? Each day there’s been a decent sized product and you definitely don’t feel like you’ve been let down that day; like my boyfriend has with his lego one (lol nostalgic millennials). Day 1 to 5 has been skincare and we’ve had two shimmer body […]

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Can you believe I’ve made it to day 5 of Blogmas? Neither can I, considering I didn’t get past day 2 of 100 days of makeup, I’m impressed with myself (lol). Last month I got into the holiday mood early and made some Christmas decorations from The Works they most probably are for kids but with […]

Beauty Crackers My Table & Face Need!

Crackers are just a part of Christmas, I don’t see why we need more little presents on the table considering crackers are almost always crap… maybe it’s the paper hat we need? When I was looking for makeup baubles for a previous post I came across some crackers which put the generic cracker to shame, […]

RT PowderBleu | REVIEW

When I think of Real Techniques great quality and bright colours come to mind. Their new PowderBleu Collection is sleek, dark and classy; more like an older sophisticated sister to previous releases. The brushes are specially designed to apply powder perfectly to the face due to their Blue Squirrel hairs, don’t freak out at that […]