Hello! I didn’t upload a post on Thursday, as I was having an off day. Y’know when you’re feeling a bit low and you just want to gorge on chocolate and hide from the world under the duvet. I had a bit of work to do, so that took priority of all my motivation. I […]

Topshop Lipstick | Hit or Miss?

Here it is! My most requested review ever… Here are my thought on Topshop’s lipstick. After so many of you wanted this I headed over to my local Topshop, not needing any more lipsticks in my life, but I got some because why not?! I picked up two lipstick, it might have been more if […]


Happy Monday! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, I haven’t been feeling the best the last few days. A lot of you already know this, but I have chronic fatigue syndrome and sometimes my body relapses, making me incredibly exhausted. It’s a condition I’ve learnt to monitor, although sometimes everyday stressors in life […]

Oh K! Sheet Mask | Hit or Miss?

Hello, it’s nearly the weekend… Just have to get through one more day! I love Korean beauty products, that’s why when Oh K! hit the market there was no way I wasn’t going to try any. They’re available in lots of different stores like Topshop and Boots, as well as online sites like Beauty Bay. […]

June Faves & Oh No’s

Another month has been and gone! The end of June has been a busy one for me, I’ve moved and life seems a bit chaotic. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing my TV series for my masters as I feel it has been a bit neglected recently. If you remember I had very […]

Peachy Vibes

I love peach! When it comes to the actual fruit I’m not too fussed, but when the shade and smell of peach is in makeup I am a massive fan. The peachy hues are really complimentary to my pale skin tone, they liven it up and gives me a warm summery glow.-At least that’s what […]

My MAC Faves

When I first got into makeup, MAC was the brand I lusted over. The beautiful looks and sleek packaging still catches my eye now. I’ve experienced a few hit and misses when it comes to this brand, I really didn’t get on with the Studio Fix Foundation and I am not a fan of the […]