They Commented What?!

Hello! This has been a week... I broke my toe and now I have a cold or a chest infection on the way, hopefully staying in the house for the next days will motivate me to get some uni work done. Being on social media I encounter some great individuals who I wouldn't be able [...]

I won a fake giveaway!

I’ve won, conducted and entered in giveaways. So when it comes to the giveaway I won a few months ago I thought it was a funny story rather than disappointing one that I should share with you all. So on the beauty app Veleza one of the users on the app did the generic follow [...]

Be careful who you collaborate with…

Be careful who you collaborate with…

As a blogger occasionally a company will reach out to me to collaborate with them. Let’s just say now, I haven’t collaborated with any of these companies and here’s why… Collaboration means working together to produce something, I think this is something you should really keep in mind when considering to work with people and [...]