Ramblings on a snowy day

Hello again, One minutes it’s snowing, the next the suns out and it’s like Spring; as I’m writing this it’s a cold snap (for now) and I’m sat up against the radiator getting toasty. I’m struggling to stick with a topic to write about and have been going back and forth between a couple of [...]

Cinema Day

This post was originally called Two Films One Night, anyway I've changed it... I’ve had friends tell me the delights of watching several films at the cinema in one day, it's something I've considered but haven’t ever done until tonight. Our local cinema is newly renovated and very posh, I don’t frequent there often but [...]

Where have I been?

As I write this I'm lying in the bath, typing on my phone praying I wont drop it. My muscles ache from a major walking session and I've got one eye on the clock as my Sainsbury's delivery will be here soon. It's been a while since my last post, I find when I have [...]

I’m Back!

Hello! I had an unexpected break from blogging, but today I'm back! Honestly I did it, as I  didn't feel like it. The buzz wasn't there. I think it was down to a combination of stress, depression and university deadlines. I stopped wearing makeup as I was staying home writing my dissertation, and I sort [...]



Hello! I didn't upload a post on Thursday, as I was having an off day. Y’know when you’re feeling a bit low and you just want to gorge on chocolate and hide from the world under the duvet. I had a bit of work to do, so that took priority of all my motivation. I [...]



Happy Monday! It's been a while since I've been on here, I haven't been feeling the best the last few days. A lot of you already know this, but I have chronic fatigue syndrome and sometimes my body relapses, making me incredibly exhausted. It's a condition I've learnt to monitor, although sometimes everyday stressors in life [...]

I’ve Moved!

Hello! First of all a big thank you for all the love you've given my little old blog lately, I really appreciate it! ♥︎ I know I've been a bit MIA recently and I do have a valid reason... I've moved out of Plymouth to Hertfordshire. It felt like the right time to move, since [...]