Primark Rainbow Face Mask | Hit or Miss?

Hello! With the £1 Nose Strips from Primark being such a success I thought I’d delve deeper into the beauty products the brand offers. I picked up this Brightening Mask (£3) mainly as it’s rainbow and I’d seen the Holler and Glow sheet masks floating around on Instagram, so me being me needed to know […]

Makeup Discount Codes?- I’ve got you covered!

Hello! I love makeup and when I can get it on offer I love makeup even more. Today I thought I’d share some discount codes I’ve come across flipping through the pages of Brides, as I’m looking at over-priced dresses and DIY products. Hope these codes help a few of you out with makeup obsessions! […]

Primark Pore Strips | Hit or Miss?

Happy Monday! I bought this thinking it was a four-step blackhead treatment, as I did an amazing three-step one a while back. I hate the look of my pores so I’m forever trying to clean them out and get a flawless complexion, I can tell you this is a never ending battle! When I got […]

Revolution Aqua Priming Base | Hit or Miss?

Yay it’s Friday! I always get excited when it’s the weekend, but I appreciate them more now as my boyfriend works during the week and I don’t get to see him as much. I also go a bit more jazzy with makeup at the weekend and I have some new products I desperately want to […]

Velvet Teddy, is it worth the hype?

Hello! I haven’t uploaded in a while as if I’m not happy with the things I write I won’t upload it. After all if I wouldn’t read it, I don’t expect anyone else to! With anything in life sometimes I think you need to have a break and now I am back with lots more […]

Things I had to buy again!

Hello again! In the beauty world there are hits, misses and those meh products. The great thing about makeup is one person’s nightmare is someone’s go to. When I find a product I love I’m already thinking about getting a replacement for when it’s empty. I think I’ve had more than ten of these in […]

My Makeup Storage

Hello! Since I’ve just moved I’ve reworked my makeup storage situation. Hilariously, my makeup is the most organised part of my life and there’s still some stray bits here and there! Since getting more into makeup I’ve found a makeup bag isn’t the answer anymore, I sort of had to shake the bag around to […]