Hello there, I’m Beth but my internet friends know me better as MAHALA. When I first set up my blog way back in 2016 I wanted to have some anonymity as my confidence was at an all time low; I’m still not the most confident person out there but I’m now saying ‘F*ck insecurities’ and doing things that scare me. And so should you!

A bit about me…

I’m nearly 25, and like most millennials I’ve moved back home (or in my case with my bf’s family) since graduating uni. I have a Bsc Psychology & MA Creative, of course I don’t work in either of these areas and work in Communications & Marketing. I’m still on the hunt for that dream job…

I often moan about the downfalls of being a millennial which society has caused, I discuss mental health and of course share honest beauty reviews. I love talking with like minded people so please leave a comment.

In the near future expect some wedding planning posts, I know I’ve been engaged for years now but we’re finally getting on the planning train. And a date is almost, sort of set!

Why mahalafashion.com?

I originally set out to give you guys fashion posts, but stupid confidence got in the way… and my love for makeup started when I tried my first Kylie Lip Kit. My anxiety and depression were taking over my life, and blogging was something I enjoyed and believe helped me come out of the darkness.

Now completely obsessed with makeup, I have ventured back into the fashion world and wanting to share some fashion pieces from me. And yes, I’m plus size. And so what?!

Get in touch!

You can send me a message via mahalafashion.enquiries@gmail.com



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