My March Beauty Faves

My March Beauty Faves

I’m fully aware that we’re making our way through April, so this post comes to you somewhat later than previously planned… but working full time means I just want to get home after a long day and binge Netflix. My current favourite is Schitts Creek.- Got to love Moira!

I’m trying to set a plan up to try and post more consistently… no promises though!

The hairbrush you need

Tangle Teezers are my go to (when it comes to brushes that is), but the shape mades them a bit difficult to use sometimes. So when they came out with this handled Wet Detangler Hairbrush (£11), I had to get it. Of course I had to get it in ‘millennial pink’, it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. All my curly haired babes out there will know the struggle of taming frizz, and brushing your hair when wet is a must.

Perfect day gloss

Charlotte Tilbury isn’t a brand I’ve tried a lot of, to me it’s more of a luxe brand and I’d say I tend to go for more trending makeup brands and products. That being said, this Lip Lustre (£18) in the shade Hall of Fame, has been my recent lip product go to. Juicy lips, tick. Hydrated lips, tick. Cute hint of colour, tick. And well, the packaging is just pretty!

The best setting spray?!

Ok so when it comes to trying out Morphe I was initially pretty cautious, we’ve all seen the horror stories circulating on the internet of brush bristles falling off on people’s faces. The thing is most people endorsing and reviewing products have a nice affiliate code that gives them some nice mullah every-time they give the brand a mention. So it gets a bit hard to know who to trust when it comes to the beauty world. But honestly, every product I’ve used from the brand, I’ve thought has been ok. I really enjoyed the palette my sister got me, the brushes I tried so far have been ok, not amazing quality or anything, but they did the job nicely.

Their Continuous Setting Mist (£15) however, goes beyond like. It’s now a MUST HAVE in my life.

Like the name suggests the continuous mist of the spray is unlike any other setting spray I’ve used and it just gets all the powders and products merged together nicely. For me, no look is now complete without a full face spritz of this stuff.

Skin changing toner?

Pixi toners for me are either a hit or a mega miss for me, I have classic combination skin.- Gets oily throughout the day, but is essentially at it’s core it’s a dry old mess. The Retinol Tonic (£18) by the brand though works well with my skin, it was in my goodie bag from the Glamour Beauty Festival, and was a product I’d never seen before.

I’ve used it religiously after cleansing, the last two and a bit weeks, finding that my skin has less texture and less defined pores. Even my skincare-phobic sister who went to the festival has raved about the toner to me.

What products have you been loving from the beauty world ATM? Are you a Netflix binger too?- Be sure to let me know! Thanks for reading.

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