Glamour Beauty Festival 2019

Glamour Beauty Festival 2019

Last year, I was apprehensive but took the plunge and went to the Glamour Beauty Festival alone; this time round my sister to tagged along (mainly because I raved about it so much!). On Friday we rocked up to the sleek Saatchi Gallery, and went room to room exploring different brands including Pixi, Batiste, Huda Beauty and Boots.

Think crisp white sofas, flower walls and neon lights, pretty much the perfect photoshoot setting. I missed out on pics last year, as I was going solo (which I loved by the way, it built my confidence up which I was lacking back then), but let’s just say my sister needs a bit of training… she’s shorter than me and every picture she took made me look like a toe! So those pictures have been scrapped.

The event is pretty much one big promotion for brands, but freebies and free treatments make it so worth it. I’m a sucker, I even bought some products which were on discount or new off the plane from the USA.

We arrived early so were one of the first few people through the door, that meant minimal queueing for treatments and goodies. A big difference compared to last year when I went on a Saturday afternoon, and I queued for an hour just to get my hair done.

Your ticket for the festival allows you entry to the event, a giant bag of freebies and a talk. I chose to see the wonderful makeup artist Nikki Wolff, who’s best known for glowy skin and bushy brow looks. I really enjoyed the talk and even have learnt some new techniques to try on myself.

Let’s get back to the bag of goodies… I LOVE the fact I got a Huda Beauty Palette, it’s the perfect size for traveling and the warm shades fill the gap I had in my expansive collection. BUT it’s also normally £25! So I feel I’ve gotten a great deal!

I carried home so many products that I pulled my back out… so that was fun!

I have no existent nails as I’m chronic biter, so the nail bars were out of the question for me and a facial just didn’t feel right considering I was wearing a full face. I opted to get my hair done at the Batiste station and felt super glam after getting my hair tonged and anti-frizzed, I just wished the brand had a hairspray so they could have used it on my hair, cause the soft curls faded fast!

If you’re into makeup and love a good pamper definitely check this event out next year. If you can go on a Friday evening, it’s less chaotic and you’ll be able see all the stalls properly without having to queue for an hour plus like I did last year.

Did we cross paths at the Glamour Beauty Festival this year? What beauty or fashion events are you looking forward to?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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