Kylie’s Valentine Palette – Hit or Miss?!

Kylie’s Valentine Palette – Hit or Miss?!

Hey you! Don’t worry it’s Wednesday, the weekend is nearly here!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have been trending again, and for once the scandal hasn’t been generated by themselves. If like Gwyneth Paltrow you don’t know what’s going on, basically Kylie’s BFF has had it off with Khloe Kardashian’s (Kylie’s sister) man. Can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve found there’s a lack of loyalty amongst “friends”, but it’s still shocked the world.

So I thought I’d come in with a Kylie Cosmetics review, after all that’s what started off my blog and obsession with makeup.

For Valentine’s Sam surprised me with this gorgeous baby pink palette from Kylie Cosmetics’ Valentine collection, and it’s very unoriginally called The Valentine Palette ($45). But I can forgive the lack of imagination for the cute glitter bra packaging of the carton. Definitely my favourite of the collections (so far)!

The neutrals and pops of pinks are perfect for cute girly looks and just what I need for the warmer weather. I have to keep reminding myself it’s only February!

I own quite a few palettes from the brand (you could say it’s verging on addiction), and I have to admit this is one of the best in my collection hoard. The packaging of the palette itself just feels more luxe and sturdy, and the colour pay off of the matte shadows is really good. The metallics are so-so, it’s more of a soft shimmer. I seem to be going for the more is better vibes ATM, but with some build up and a spritz of Mac Fix+ it comes to my standards.

I did however… experience some staining. The vibrant fluorescent pink shade ‘Kandy Heart’ (of course it had to be Kandy with a ‘k’) stained the middle of my eyelids a bit and it did look like I had pink eye. Even with my trusty micellar water and Simple face wipes I couldn’t budge it all until the next morning. Personally it’s not a big issue for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want to go au natural in the makeup department the day after using that shadow.

Think I’ll be reaching for this palette quite a bit in the next few months, not because I’m hoping to by Kylie’s new BFF but cause I genuinely really love this palette.

What’s your favourite palette atm? Are you still shocked about Jordyn? – Be sure to comment to let me know!

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    1. It definitely is sooo cute! I know! Did she think they wouldn’t get caught? It ruined so many relationships 😩

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