The Clock Turning Miracle Moisturiser

The Clock Turning Miracle Moisturiser

So I went clubbing for the first time in nearly a year on Friday night, and my thighs are a beyond sore!- Still! It’s now Wednesday… Clearly my body is telling me I’m too old to be getting low in mega heels.

Getting older is something that’s been on my mind lately, I know for some 25 doesn’t seem that old. But 18 felt like yesterday to me, so the next thing *poof* I might be 30.

The last couple of years skincare has become a crucial part of my daily routine and something I’ve been trying to perfect. I’ve even tried cult classics like Pixi’s Glow Tonic (£18), but for some reason my skin hates it. Like really hates it. My skin gets dry and then it gets greasy, to try to combat the dehydration. It’s minging. Pixi’s Rose Tonic (£18) though, my skin loves.

I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that looking after my skin now will help future me out. That’s the plan anyway.

I find you can take advice from others, but what you like and what you need is all down to your personal preferences. For instance, I despise a cream moisturiser. They’re heavy and just make me feel like a total grease ball. But clearly there’s some people out there who love them, or why else would there be so many on the market?

I recently purchased Clinique’s Moisture Surge (£36), when I was coming off some sort of sedation after getting my wisdom tooth removed and must have liked the packaging or something… Think I knew I was going to love it!

I once read that Kendall Jenner’s dermatologist, lol I always want to say gynaecologist, but it’s definitely dermatologist instructed her to listen to her skin and only apply moisturiser when it was dehydrated, this is a technique I’ve adopted, and my face and I have been getting on well since.

Which is good, as I often opt for no makeup at work, as CBA. Most days I work at my desk and my office wall doesn’t give a sh*t if I’m wearing MAC Velvet Teddy or not, so I just opt for happy skin.

After two weeks of using this my bf said I looked two years younger, and I’ve got to agree my skin looks less tired and well less sad. I have been inseparable from my Clinique Moisture Surge. And when I mean inseparable I mean only when my skin feels tired and dehydrated, thats like 3 to 4 times a week. I apply it on my face and décolletage (a fancy word for neck & chest) cause those areas get exposed and dry too.

You know how I was saying I hate thick creams, this is like a silky gel that absorbs into the skin. It’s cooling and refreshing.

It’s on the pricier end of skincare, but I think it’s worth it. Whenever my skin feels a bit thirsty I whack on some of this before bed, before makeup or whenever, and my skin looks happier and healthier in minutes.

Oh and don’t forget younger!

What’s your fave skincare product? Are you a fan of this product too? – Be sure to leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter ♥︎

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