Getting Over Blogger’s Block

Getting Over Blogger’s Block

Hello there!

I’ve been a bit absent here, ok let me start again… I’ve been very absent here on my blog. The inspiration just wasn’t there. Birthdays, Christmas and then New Year hit. I had kidney issues, then I had my wisdom tooth taken out and you can say I wasn’t feeling particularly up beat.

If you’re a blogger, you might have gone through a writers block (I’m now calling it bloggers block, if it’s not already a ‘thing’ Google suggests it’s actually a thing). Next time it strikes here’s a few things to remember when you just can’t write.

Don’t force it

Previously I’ve tried to force content, let me tell you it just doesn’t work. If you do get something out; the topic, the voice, well everything just seems a bit off when you force content. With all creative outlets when inspiration hits, it just hits you. You can’t always prompt yourself to write something that  a.) you want to write; or b.) you think your audience would want to read.

Someone once told me, if you wouldn’t read it why would anyone else want to?- Fair enough. I have some shocking drafts which have never been published and just need to slide into the bin.

Try brainstorming

On my break (anyone else just hear Ross’s voice screaming in the background?) I took notes when little ideas popped up. I later expanded on these ideas. It didn’t go into a full blown post, often just a title. But it kept my blogger mind going.

I got this fantastic Inspiration Diary from my sister for Christmas and I’ve been keeping organised by setting goals. I’ve achieved a couple already! I find when things look pretty I’m more likely to keep notes and refer back to them.

Read other blogs

Taking in other blogger’s words and stories can occasionally trigger the wheels inside your brain to write. I always find the effort and commitment of others incredibly inspiring.

Don’t be hard on yourself

A year ago, I would feel guilty for not looking after my blog, as I’d put so much time and love in to it. See that’s precisely why I’ve decided to write when I feel like it, because it’s a passion. And I don’t want kill my passion.- Just because I’m stubborn and hard on myself.

Whether it’s writing, work or something in your personal life I encourage you to be kinder to yourself, as we’re all guilty of being hard on ourselves from time to time.

Having some time out has actually energised my writing, and I’ve found writing this post has been a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by! How do you get over blogger’s block? What goals have you set for 2019? ♥︎

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4 thoughts on “Getting Over Blogger’s Block

  1. The best advice I’ve ever heard is that there is no such thing as writers block. Sometimes your muse just needs to rest. While she rests, you have time to experience life and when she wakes, she puts you to work. It can’t be forced.
    I love this post

  2. Hun, this post is so inspiring! I was getting through the same block, not only here on my blog but also on Instagram. I got to the point when I just stopped posting 😌 thanks for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed the reading of this post so much.

    1. Glad you liked it! Think we’re so hard on ourselves when it comes to our online presence, it should be a when you want to upload sort of thing. Can’t be bothered with keeping up appearances anymore! Don’t want to kill the passion!

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