Hits & Oh No’s of 2018

Hits & Oh No’s of 2018

Over the last three weeks, it’s been my birthday, my fiancé’s birthday and Christmas… you can say it’s been a pretty expensive month! I love December but as soon as it’s started, it’s nearly over and bam… 2019 is here! I thought I couldn’t end the year without a rundown of my beauty hits and misses from the last 12 months, come on it’s a beauty blogger must!

Let’s start with the Hits of 2018…

Conceal & Define Foundation (£9) – Makeup Revolution
I was really surprised at how good this foundation was when I first tried it. Going cheap with key products like foundation is something I rarely do as they never seem to work out. But this is great! Full coverage & long lasting.

Bubble in Paradise (£6.50)  – Soap & Glory
I’m OBSESSED with this shower gel, it smells so yummy and tropical, and this massive bottle means it’s lasted for four months and it’s still going. Another bargain!

Rose Gold Remastered Palette (£56) – Huda Beauty
This palette is my go to, my fave. The formula is just everything. Blendable mattes and creamy buttery metals which give statement impact. I’m so happy I didn’t buy the original palette from Huda Beauty and waited out to get my hands on this amazing palette.

Blush Palette in Hot Spice (£4) – Makeup Revolution
Another bargain product I use everyday! This blush palette has a selection of pigmented shades and it’s only £4! 50p a shade, come on that’s unheard of.

Vegan Brush Shampoo (£14.99) – Spectrum Collections
Normally I’d use shampoo or hand soap to clean my brushes, but since using this makeup brush shampoo I’ve never gone back. The sweet strawberry smell takes me back to my childhood in America, who doesn’t like a bit sentiment here and there?, after all I’m a millennial and we’re known for it. Scent aside it works quickly and effectively.

I love the brand and the sisters behind the brushes, got to say though not the biggest fan of their Carnaby shop… it’s more of a showroom than an inviting place to browse & shop.

Magnificent Metals in Rose Gold Retro – Stila
This product takes a simple brown smokey eye to the next level. It helps you create a sophisticated look, quickly and effortlessly.

It’s so good I had get this for my sister for Christmas!

Now to the Oh No’s…

Glitter Roots
Just don’t Fing do it, trust me! My scalp has never been the same, I literally made the sun radiate everything it had towards my poor unprotected scalp. And washing it out was no picnic either.

Biggest beauty regret of 2018 my life.

Crayola Beauty
Biggest flop of a product ever! Packaging was cute, the colour selection was everything, but the product itself meh. The Face Crayons (£9) are the worst eye-product I’ve tried, they smear and move around. And the creasing was horrific.

The Lip & Cheek Crayon (£9) was passable, but have I worn it since? Nope, there’s way better lipsticks for cheaper out there.

Just don’t waste your time with these.

So a mix of new releases from the year and some older products I finally got round to trying. What memorable products have you tried this year, let me hear about the hits I need to try and the misses I need to avoid! ♥︎

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5 thoughts on “Hits & Oh No’s of 2018

  1. I forgot about crayola beauty! What a fail, and I don’t think they’ve tried to put out anything since.
    I just ordered my first one of those Stila Liquid eyeshadows, I can’t wait to try it! I hope you have an amazing 2019 lovely x

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you’ve had a great New Year! (I know I’m very late) & hope you love your Stila shadow as much as I do ♥︎

  2. I really need to try out Makeup Revolution products! The prices are amazing and I keep hearing so much good stuff about the quality! Like, that blush palette is gorgeous!

    1. I’m really surprised at how good some of the stuff is considering how purse friendly it is! If you do get a chance you need to try some of the products this year. The blush palette is my everyday go-to and it just seems never ending ♥︎

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