Why I put off planning my wedding

Why I put off planning my wedding

I’ve been going back and forward when it comes to posting this, but f*ck it I’m pressing publish…

Meet, date, get engaged and a year or two later you’re married… That tends to be the flow of things. For most couples at least.

See the thing is I’ve been engaged four plus years and been to four wedding fairs. You’re probably thinking she’s putting it off due to relationship problems or she’s got commitment issues. That’s what I’d think anyway. But the truth is I’ve been putting it off because of other people. People just always have an opinion, an opinion about absolutely everything.

Why I put off getting married - MAHALA

There has been some mixed feelings regarding my engagement the first couple of years, mainly I feel because we were young and still at university. A LOT of people didn’t congratulate us, and when they did see us there was uneasiness or it wasn’t talked about at all.

Anyway with friends there were talks of things like the assumption of who would be in the bridal party. And how they’d all get drunk. Even though there was no talk of an actual wedding. Then there’s the people who just wanted to talk about the Hen Do… I’ve had “Who gives a sh*t about the wedding, all I care about is the Hen Do.”– Delightful, I know.

Then there were those who wanted it their way. From the dress to the food, you name it someone’s probably told me how it should be.

Why I put off getting married - MAHALA

All of this just created so much stress for me which was stressing Sam, and it put us off. I desperately try to please people, but after growing as a person and not caring what others think I have finally taken the first few steps to planning the wedding. Bad people in my life have slowly (and painfully) been filtered out of my life, although heartbreaking this may be, I feel more content in the long run. (They’d done a few shitty things, not just to do with weddings and the like)– I think a future post about letting go of “friends” needs to come soon!

I can definitely see why people turn into bridezillas and get so stressed out about planning!

So what’s happened…

✔︎ A date has been set.

✔︎ Venue chosen.

✔︎ We’re doing what we want.

Read all about how I’m saying F*ck off to insecurities in my previous post.

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3 thoughts on “Why I put off planning my wedding

  1. Weddings are so stressful! Just be firm and let people know that it’s your wedding! If they don’t like it they can leave lol
    We had to put our foot down with a lot of people regarding our wedding, especially with the guest list. It’s so expensive to pay for everyone’s plate of food and my in laws wanted to invite 20 people that we had never met who weren’t part of the family. And then my Dad told me he didn’t want to invite his brothers and sisters but then emailed off an invitation to them all two weeks before the wedding. So frustrating!
    I wish you the best with your wedding arrangements!

  2. Your day, your way. If people don’t like it – then, Hell, they don’t have to be there!! You’re paying for it at the end of the day I find it beyond rude that anyone would attempt to dictate what YOUR wedding day should be. (By “your” I mean both you and your partner 😂). And from experience I do recommend removing anyone toxic from your life before the wedding too. I look forward to seeing more posts! Xo

    1. Thanks! I am slowly letting go of people who aren’t the best, but it’s tough! I know, I would never be able to tell someone what they should do for their day!- Thanks for reading ♥︎

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