I’m a big advocate for awareness days, if just one person gets educated (including myself) I think it’s worth it. I’m a bit late to World Mental Health Day (10th October), but shouldn’t everyday be a good day to talk about mental health?

I can bang on about mental health all day, I work in a mental health trust and I’ve experienced depression and anxiety, which I’m open to talk about at a later date. I just felt today I’d share some tips on how you can better manage your own mental health in your everyday life by incorporating some writing.-That’s if you want to!


Write your worries

I’m not big into talking and sharing how I feel, I’m a writer. I prefer to jot down my worries, which often results in me realising they are completely irrational and don’t need to run through my mind all night.

Even just typing it down in the notes on my phone helps. Having a thought physically staring at you can sometimes relieve a lot of psychological tension.

Keeping notes and lists can be a life saver if you’re anxious or worried, as it’s a great method to keep track of tasks and can help you plan your time more effectively. I have a diary I go back and forth to when I’m getting stressed, I take a minute and plan everything. I can tell you I feel so much better knowing what’s going on in the week ahead!

3 Ways writing can help your mental health- MAHALA

Make it a hobby

I started my blog back when I had severe depression and anxiety, which impacted on most aspects of my life. Even leaving the house was a struggle. Writing frequently for my blog was and has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve met some great people with shared interests, I’ve strengthened my writing skills and it’s opened doors for me.

Yeah I was freaking out about doing it, but that worry was TOTALLY worth it!


Writing out your experiences (good or bad) can feel really therapeutic. But it can also educate others or help those going through something similar know that they’re not alone.

When I wrote a post a while back about living with with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) other bloggers reached out to me with cfs and we were able support each other. I’ve had a tough time with my condition and hadn’t even spoken to anyone going through the same thing until I plucked up the courage and wrote that post.

Whether you’re starting a blog or keeping a pen and paper by your bed, you might find writing what’s going on in your mind can help your mental health.

Thanks for reading! What do you do to keep your mental health healthy?- Be sure to comment to let me know. ♥︎