Glitter Face Masks?!

Glitter Face Masks?!

Helllooo! First off, thanks for all the support on my last post about saying F*ck off to Insecurities, it’s something I’m insecure about (oh the irony). I love me a bit of glitter, but after the glitter roots incident, resulting with me getting burnt, yep that’s right. I have been a bit more wary, but I saw these BioMiracle masks in Boots and couldn’t pass them up!

I tried out the purple mask which is supposedly meant to hydrate the skin whilst brightening, it’s really thick so I would highly recommend applying it with a brush or if you have a silicone mask brush get that out. The pouch allows you to easily pore and close it up for future uses, thumbs up from me for this feature.

The glitter definitely didn’t disappoint! It’s nice and sparkly, better than the serial killer look I normally sport when it comes to skincare.

My problem is that taking it off, it is exactly like those charcoal painful peel-off masks which tug at any hair and feel like your face is being waxed. After a few minutes of gently peeling, my face felt really smooth and exfoliated. Hydrated, you ask?– Definitely not.

It’s not a bad mask, I would definitely use it again and I’m excited to try the rainbow one. If you’re into the whole ‘beauty is pain’ face masks and glitter you’ll probs like this, but the word hydrating shouldn’t be on the packaging for this mask at all.

You can get them here:

Glitter Brightening & Hydrating Peel-Off Mask (£4.99)

Unicorn Dust Rainbow Glitter Peel-Off Mask (£4.99)

Have you tried these face masks? What’s your favourite skincare product?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎

6 thoughts on “Glitter Face Masks?!

      1. I love the pain! Lol that means it’s pulling all the hairs and blackheads out 😂 I have the gold peel off mask and it takes out everything. I love it!

      2. Haha 😂 I don’t remember like a deep clean, but I think if I had a hot shower before hand it would! Ooh what brand is the gold mask? Pores freak me out, so I’m forever trying to clean them out 😂

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