Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss?

Like always I’m a bit late to the game with this review… better late than never, I guess!

Jaclyn Hill has had a tough year; her marriage ended with the added pressure of the world watching, then there was the drama over having to retract and destroy her Morphe collaboration due to poor quality. An amazing call for them to do, but with the release of the product supposedly being the new improved version a lot of people are sceptical. Are these claims valid?

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

Out of the four palettes Bling Boss called to me. Purple and pinks are my thing at the moment. For £15 you get 10 well sized shades. The palette came really well wrapped and I even got to use an influencers code for 10% off, after years of having it rammed down my ears I freaked out and opted for Manny MUA, as I couldn’t remember the others. With all the controversy around him lol maybe wasn’t the best choice… but I ordered this way before all that… anyway…

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALAMorphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

Finger swatches show the metals are fab and the mattes are pretty powdery and aren’t the best. When you compare it to previous Morphe palettes, the formula is similar but the mattes aren’t of the same quality, like look at the black from the Morphe 35R palette and blacks are a difficult shade to get right!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

The Bling Boss palette is pretty, but the powdery mattes make me question whether this is a reformulated palette, or if it’s in fact the original palette which was supposedly pulled. The shadows require a bit of work, with a lot of layering and blending to look good.

I just feel if you had a second chance at getting this right it would have been the same quality as the Morphe 35R I previously reviewed, or even better. BUT it just isn’t.

I’ve created some fun looks but have felt the formula doesn’t compete with other palettes in my collection, including lower end ones from Bh Cosmetics. I’ll use it again, but it’s a miss from me.

Have you tried any of the palettes from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collab? What’s your thoughts on Morphe? The beauty community? – Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎


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8 thoughts on “Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss?

    1. I’m gutted for you! I was tempted to get that one, it’s so sad that they had all the trouble and the consumers still got a disappointing product. Thanks for reading lovely ♥︎ I’m headed over to your blog now for a nosy 😛

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  1. The finger swatches are definitely fab as you said. I think the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collab was too much too soon. When you releasing so many paletted back to back, comparisons are inevitable and it is difficult to be consistent.

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