Big lips in 3 mins?- Bubble Mask Review

Lips are a big thing atm, and something I’ve been accused of surgically enhancing. But for me the thought of lip fillers scares me, I hate needles! As I have aged over the last five years my lips have naturally doubled in size, I put it down to hormones and my constant application of lip products. Who knows really, but the human face is constantly changing.

There are lots of products on the market which claim to enhance your pout and give you the big lips of celebs without fillers. Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Plucker lipgloss (£9) is a fave of some of my friends, honestly the overpowering sweet smell is a massive turn off for me and it makes me queasy, so it’s a binned product for me.- Even my sister gave it a pass! Most plumping glosses have mint or are overpowering in smell.

So when I stumbled across the unknown plump effects of this mask I was sold!

Big lips in 3 mins?- Bubble Mask Review - MAHALA

Hello Jo Beauty is a new British born, Korean developed brand which uses caffeine in their beauty products. The Bubble Lip Mask (£12.50) doesn’t claim to make the lips bigger (but keep reading…) it was fun to use and smelt fresh and very skincare (no sickly smell, yay!). You put a couple of pumps of the silky serum on your lips and watch the bubbles foam up and disappear 3-5 minutes later, then you remove the mask with water. This process of antioxidants and enzymes working together to break down the skin cells was comfortable and more importantly it did exfoliate my lips making them feel really smooth.

AND my lips felt really plump and a little bigger, most of the plumping occurred in the middle of the lips so not an overall effect but they felt really juicy (LOL). The pictures aren’t the best as I was trying it out at midnight in a hotel room.  Now you’re probably thinking, how long does it last? I noticed the plumping started to go down slightly after 45 minutes, but the slight plumping and the exfoliating effect make me want to use it again. In the future I’ll use it before I apply lipstick.

I presume the plumping effect isn’t advertised as it isn’t long lasting and may vary in it’s effects, shows that some products have some hidden benefits!

If you like korean skincare or want to get a short lived plumper pout I would recommend giving this product a go.

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*Disclaimer- Hello Jo Beauty kindly sent me this product for an honest review.

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