Why you need body yogurt!

Hey! Are you melting in this heat too? Makeup isn’t something I’ve been wearing that much at the moment even though I’ve managed to stop myself looking like  a sad melted clown (thanks UD All Nighter Setting Spray), I just want the extra time in the morning to sleep a little longer as I’ve been struggling in the night.

Heat means sweat. There’s often this misconception that you shouldn’t moisturise your skin, as you don’t want to get oily. See the thing is all the sweating and being in the sun can result in dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin= more oil being produced, as the body is making up for the water being lost, this can result in irritation, dry patches and spots.



I sort my face out with a Garnier’s Moisture Bomb face mask, but I’d been skipping out on the rest of my body. Understandably the last thing anyone wants to do in this humid heat is sit with thick body butter on, waiting for it to sink in.

Here comes The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Yogurt (£8.50), a 100% vegan product which is silky and thin in consistency. The incredibly fruity scent lasts for hours and screams summer. The yogurt is much thinner than the brand’s body butters and sinks into the skin in about 30 seconds to a minute. It feels like an intense water serum is being applied to the skin, without any stickiness. I love the quick action of this product so much I think I’ll be going for body yogurts instead of the brand’s body butters from now on.

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How are you keeping your skin moisturised this summer? Are you a fan of body yogurts too?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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