British Beauty Brands I Love!

The beauty industry is ever growing and the competition is fierce. Honestly if I name all the brands in my collection it’s mostly made up of American brands, as that’s what’s popular and what I want to review for you guys. Today I thought I’d share a bit of love for British brands I’m a fan of as sometimes their forgotten underneath all the fast makeup of Kylie Cosmetics and the other US brands.

Unicorn Brush Shampoo!- MAHALA

Spectrum Collections

I’ve been following Spectrum Collections journey from a small business with a few products to a booming business with a vast selection of collections from Mean Girls (which is totally fetch) to The Little Mermaid. These brushes aren’t just pretty, they’re amazing quality too! The synthetic vegan brushes dominate my brush collection.

My ♥︎ product- Brush BO1 [Flat Top Buffer] (£8.99), is my go to brush, it’s perfect for even liquid foundation application.

British Brands I Love!- MAHALA

Soap & Glory

Fabulously pink with vintage vibes, Soap & Glory is such a girly brand with a wide variety of products. During Boxing Day sales I stock up on the gift sets from Boots so I always have their bath and body products close to hand!

My ♥︎ product- The Righteous Butter (£10), is so creamy and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. This has been a favourite product of mine for over half a decade.

Revolution products I'm loving atm- MAHALA


I’m guilty of previously under estimating the budget friendly brand Revolution, but a couple of their face products have made a name for them in the industry. Even so much so that it’s impossible to get some products from my local Superdrug.

My ♥︎ product- Conceal and Define (£4), thought to be a good dupe of Tarte’s Shape Tape is a fantastically cheap product. The pigmentation and wear makes you think it’s definitely a higher-end concealer, I would happily pay more than £4 for this wonder product.

What UK brands deserve a shout out? Are you a fan of one of these brands?- Be sure to comment to let me know, I love hearing from you guys! ♥︎


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