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Happy Monday!

I’d been holding out for ages to get the original Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, as I was intimidated by the pink and the price. I’m happy I waited as I adore the Remastered palette. The metallic shadows have a unique formula which make them feel sort of wet reminding me of ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow. The original palette had some backlash with the metals being flaky, the metals in this palette are creamy and apply so incredibly smooth with your finger. I am definitely a fan!



Unedited swatches… yep my arm is just that pale!

img_3395.pngThe palette is made up of ‘8 buttery mattes, 8 melted metals, 1 wet & dry jet black & 1 highlighting pressed pearl’.


The mattes blend nicely and don’t feel too powdery or chalky. There’s a lovely selection of shades allowing you to do smokey eyes, to soft day looks to in your face mega glam.

The palette has a hint of a synthetic smell which has faded over time. Another sort of downside (but not a mega problem) is the highlighter, which is Moon Dust flakes up quite a bit in the pan when you use a brush, although it does go on nicely onto the skin. It gives a pretty soft glow, rather than a mega in your face highlight.

I had a lot of compliments when wearing this palette out and can see myself reaching for it a lot. Now I had planned on including a look here, but since writing this I’ve actually lost the palette!- It’ll turn up… I hope! If you want a high end luxurious palette I highly recommend adding this palette to your collection.

As always thanks for reading! Are you a fan of the palette? What’s your favourite Huda Beauty buy?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

8 thoughts on “Rose Gold Remastered | REVIEW

  1. This palette is beautiful, I would love to have it for client makeup! Although I actually liked the way her last shimmers were, you just had to use them properly, did you have the last palette?

    1. I haven’t tried the original, but I did hear that using your finger was the way to go and I think a bit of Fix+ would help too (I do this with most shimmers anyway!) Thanks for reading ♥︎

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