What they don’t tell you about glitter roots!

Life’s been a bit hectic, that’s my excuse for the lack posts anyway. I’m currently writing this in the middle of a dusty field, surrounded by burnt over excited and tipsy men watching the football game… the things you do for your other half! So I’ve got 90 minutes and I thought I’d write a blog post here from the Isle of Wight Festival as everyone around me stares up at a tiny screen.

Yesterday I tried out glitter roots. The incredibly magical and sparkly (of course) trend, let’s just say I have major regret! Having tiny pieces of plastic on your scalp and washing them out leaves the scalp unbelievably raw. So raw that I had to put some YSL primer on my scalp to try and save it.-Which it did a little, thank goodness! My hair is a bit stiff from body glue and there are still specs of plastic in my hair today. I also have major regret due the environmental issues involved with glitter…

Overall I’m happy I did it, but never again! Only wish I hadn’t had major hay fever, so I’d have been able to do some boujie makeup looks. LOL! There’s still tonight so look out for those..!

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading 💕

7 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you about glitter roots!

  1. Looked great! I can totally see how that would leave your scalp raw though! Glitter is the absolute best but it never comes off anything! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks for your post! ❤️

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