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Growing up I had that massive set of Crayola Crayons, fifteen plus years later here I am not being able to decide what crayon I want to use, but this time it’s for my face. Crayola Beauty has come out with a 58-piece range of colourful nostalgic products to get you all creative. Crayola Beauty is available at ASOS. Having previously tried beauty products that hit the nostalgia button in millennials like ColourPop’s My Little Pony Collection, I had high hopes for these beauty crayons as I really loved ColourPop’s revamp of a childhood toy.



I love the packaging, they look exactly like crayons! When I was trying them out I paused as I looked in the mirror and was a bit like WTF is going on here! I tried out two Face Crayons (£9), in the shade Periwinkle and Tumbleweed. And a Lip and Cheek Crayon (£9) in the shade Strawberry.



I was trying out an avant garde sort of bold eye look with the Periwinkle and before the look was complete I had to give up. The Face Crayons are smooth, but they aren’t bold enough I feel to be a crayon (if you get what I mean). I just was expecting more bold pops of colour. They swatch well (theres a few layers here) presumably because my arm is paler than my face, smooth and makeup free.

BUT when I applied the crayon on my lid and built it up to get a stronger colour pay off the product sank into the creases in my eyelid and looked a total mess. Not wanting to give up I tried with and without an eyelid primer, which didn’t make a difference as it still sank into my creases and made them look really pronounced. Honestly this was something I wasn’t expecting considering I’d never experienced it before with other products.

Crayola Beauty | REVIEW

Tumbleweed sat a little better on the lid, but when I showed my bf as always when I try out new makeup looks he didn’t even know I had something on my eyelids… The lipstick got a thumbs up though! (Not my best makeup as I had to take off the crayon and try again! I was starting to lose the will to live, was getting tired and gave up here!) This makes me think the Face Crayons are just more subtle shades, rather than intense makeup I was hoping for. I think if you were doing just a line you might be better off, but for colouring in as such it’s not the best. Perhaps other shades are better..?

The worst thing about these Face Crayons for me isn’t their subtleness against my foundation, contour etc, or how they sit on the eyelid, it’s that they transfer so easily! Even trying to take selfies right after applying it, it slid all over the place and lifted. I think on a bare face and on the body this product would work better to draw patterns, but for conventional makeup purposes this product is pants.

When it comes to the lipstick it is much better than the Face Crayon, as it’s highly pigmented and glides on. The point makes lining the lips easy, although I did wish a sharpener was at the bottom of the crayon like you get with some lip liners to keep a nice point on the product. That being said it sits nicely on the lips, making them feel really soft and moisturised. It’s a softer formula compared to Face Crayon and it does transfer easily.

Overall I’m a bit disappointed and I’d say don’t waste your time with this collection, although if you do want something out of nostalgia go for a Lip and Cheek Crayon.

Have you tried Crayola Beauty? What makeup should I review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎

4 thoughts on “Crayola Beauty | REVIEW

  1. Thank you so much for a great, well detailed and honest review. I’ve been looking at these as I too used to spend hours playing with my Crayola crayons! It’s a shame the face crayons aren’t bolder. The lip crayon looks great on you though! XxxX

    1. Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you found it useful! Yeah, it’s such a disappointment. Oh well still have the originals to play with X

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