New(ish) Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

Now Kylie Cosmetics comes out with new shades quicker than I can keep up with, so the two shades I’m loving at the moment are probably only a month or so old, but in the makeup world their like 50 years old.– I get the exact same feeling when I go out clubbing…

New(ish) Kylie Cosmetics- MAHALA

After 20+ nudes I have finally found my perfect nude, in my opinion that is, the shade Bare ($27). I have been loving the velvet formula, it makes the lips feel so soft and sort of spongy. It’s been my go to lipstick for work, that’s if I’m wearing makeup sometimes just CBA with that!

Where I was going wrong before with the velvet formula from the brand is I applied too much product and it took forever to dry down. The lipstick needs a few minutes to fully dry down and it does transfer slightly but less than generic lipsticks, so I tend to only need to touch up at lunch and I’m good for the day at work.

Let’s not talk about how desperately I need a hair cut! Bare and Boss (Left to right)

You could say I used to be one of those die hard fans of Kylie Cosmetics, I have far too many of the lipsticks from the brand, but I’ve toned it down recently. From my collection I can tell you the formula for the liquid lipsticks does vary between shades, presumably due to the change of pigments needed etc. for different shades and brands wanting to perfect products. For instance, Candy K is more of a creamy formula where as this red lipstick Boss ($29) is far thinner, and clings to the lips more tightly.

Like Bare, Boss is really pigmented, doesn’t bleed and only requires a thin layer, but it does transfer even though it’s a liquid matte. For added longevity for both of these liquid lipsticks I’d recommend applying the matching lip pencil all over and if you make a mistake with the lipstick go round the edges with the pencil to sharpen your shape (saves me every time!).

I’m obsessed with these lip kits. Although I’d have to say the velvet formula is definitely my new fave!

Can you keep up with makeup brands? What’s your fave lipstick atm?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎

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