Magic wand makeup remover?!

First thing in the morning I’m going to be frank with you, my makeup can often look like utter sh*t. But, then again sometimes I spray my face after taking complete care and the setting spray has made my eyeliner and mascara run. I’d seen these cute Make Wand makeup remover (£6.50) by Too Cool For School, being advertised to me by Beautybay on Facebook, and thought might as well.

Magic wand makeup remover?!- MAHALA

So the front of the box is deceiving, these magic wands are from Korea and the directions on the back are like looking at IKEA directions. So I’ve guessed on how to use it… pretty sure I’m doing it right!

The dual ended cotton bud is filled with a solution, and one side acts as a sort of lid to keep the solution in the tube. To use you pull the lid side off and the solution turns pink and goes down to the bottom and fills up in the cotton wool. It removes makeup mistakes so easy and in one little swipe, and I’ve been using the dry side to dry the solution off my face.

As I write this post I contemplate whether I have been the biggest sucker, cause could I have just used a generic cotton bud and some micellar water..?– Yeah probably. But something about just taking the top off and how easy and quick it was to use, is really appealing to me for some reason. And if it means my mistakes can be removed so much easier I’m on board.

How to you fix your mistakes? What’s your favourite product atm?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

7 thoughts on “Magic wand makeup remover?!

  1. These look cute! I probably would have used them for traveling or when I’m out and about, especially now in the summer when the humid weather often messes up my eye liner. At home I would probably still use my regular make up remover. Thanks for sharing these though, didn’t even know they existed x

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