Lemon juice saved my hair!

Hello it’s been sometime that I felt like writing a post, life has been a bit up and down, but hey life’s a rollercoaster! I’m getting all personal and gross in today’s blog post as sometime’s beauty hurts or in my case itches…

You already know I like trying new products and finding a gems, the problem with trying new things often is that on occasion you can have a negative reaction… which can be pretty bad, remember the Lush face mask burn?! So I was trying out an argan oil product which caused me to have the most severe dandruff of my life.- I only used it once! For the lucky ones out there who haven’t experienced the itchy annoyance, dandruff is a yeast-like fungus (eeewww!) which occurs as skin cells clump together in my case because my skin disliked the oil in the product I was trying out.

The dandruff was truly horrific, like not little flakes like huge ass minging flakes you’d expect from someone who hadn’t washed their hair in a month. I have dark hair so it REALLY showed up. I felt embarrassed and had been using Head and Shoulders shampoo which didn’t seem to help. A worried phone call later to my mother and I ditched the anti-dandruff shampoo as it can cause hair loss, something I’d like to avoid more than flaky scalp.

Lemon juice saved my hair!- MAHALA

A google search reminded me of some science about acids I did way back in school, and I decided to pop lemon juice on my scalp for 5 minutes prior to getting into the shower to wash my hair. The science behind this home remedy is that the acid neutralises the yeast-like infection (gross right!) and helps neutralise the skin ph levels. I used about half an egg cup full to saturate my scalp. It tingled a little and was slightly uncomfortable, but I was pretty desperate and on the verge of going to the doctors to get something so left the natural remedy do it’s work.

The first go improved my scalp more than the anti-dandruff shampoo and after three goes over a week the dandruff significantly calmed down and was unnoticeable. Three weeks on and the dandruff is still at bay. I used fresh lemon juice as I happened to have half a lemon in the fridge and generic bottled juice, and found they both worked.

This method really helped me, although if you’re going to try this at home I would recommend putting a little bit of juice on at a time to see how much it tingles etc. As you can imagine I’ve been sticking with my tried and tested products for a while, but I’m trying some new things out atm so look for some more reviews to come your way!

Hope you’ve had a great bank holiday weekend and thanks for reading!

Have you tried lemon juice for your dandruff? Have you had a bad reaction to a product?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

15 thoughts on “Lemon juice saved my hair!

  1. I use to use lemon juice to get highlights in the summer. 10 minutes outside and the sun basically bakes the lemon juice, which causes it to lighten the hair that is naturally already a bit lighter, on your head.

    Basically the same idea as surfer highlights, but quicker.

    1. I had heard of this but never knew it actually worked! Love a bit of home diy beauty 😋 not sure it’ll work for mine as mine has been bleached and dyed to an inch of its life 😂

      1. Ya, I am fairly sure it only works for natural hair, though it might work on dyed hair that has dyed highlights. The acid might work funky on the dye though, so who knows what colour you would end up with, haha.

  2. I’ve been experiencing the same kind of dandruff and it’s so noticeable for me too since my hair is jet black. I’ll definitely have to try this out, thank you for sharing it! xx

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