Eye Sheet Masks , WTF?!

Hello! I’m back and here with an odd face mask, specifically for the eyes… Maybe it’s not that odd as we chuck slices of cucumber on our sensitive eyes. If you have an office job like me, you’ve probs experienced the soreness involved with dry under eyes. The extended staring and the hideous artificial light aren’t too kind to the old skin. I’ve already tried out the Ariel face mask and liked the serum and I fell for the novelty of the product… yeah I’m that sucker! So you’ll know why I got these Cucumber & Green Tea Sheet Eye Masks (£5) from Mad Beauty.



Anyone else think these look like a pack of soggy nipple petals?! Well I guess you could say their fashioned after Ariel’s shell bra…

The pack comes with three pairs of eye masks and is in a resealable bag, and then are in an air tight baggie, so you don’t have to worry about them drying out before you get round to using them. This product is definitely one you need to use lying back relaxing as half way through I dropped one by slightly moving my head. They were somewhat comfortable to wear when lying back, and I didn’t experience any irritation.-This was something I was really concerned about!

After 10ish minutes the moist shell eye masks left my tired eyes feeling soft and refreshed, and my under eye looked a bit smoother. I don’t think this is something I’ll personally purchase again as I don’t think the results were outstanding or anything, and the same results can be achieved by hydrating the whole skin at the same time with a sheet mask. I did however, feel incredibly relaxed after and felt ready for bed by 8!

Do you swear by eye sheet masks? What novelty products have you bought recently?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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