KKW Beauty Dupe?!- WTF?

Primark aren’t known for their quality, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking. It’s affordable products and I do shop there, as I’m a poor millennial. Whilst browsing I saw this stand… Like WTF?! It’s a total rip off of the KKW Beauty Crème Contour and Highlight Kit ($48). There were brushes and it looked like they were trying to copy the Kylie Cosmetics collab Kim did, and when I say try it’s a terrible attempt, the lipsticks weren’t even worth getting to compare for you guys.

The KKW Beauty kit comes with a duo highlight and duo contour stick, and sponge and brush applicator. You get this in the Primark version (£8), as well as an added Brow Highlighter… No idea why, but I’m going with it. Primark had a grand total of one shade, there isn’t a name for it, I guess it’s a one kit fits all.

KKW Beauty Dupe?! WTF?- MAHALA

I loathe companies that think a product is suitable for everyone, come on no one’s the same and they shouldn’t be! Anyway I picked it up as I wetting myself at how funny this looked and no one else had picked up a single kit from the full display.

KKW Beauty Dupe?! WTF?- MAHALA

The packaging is cheap, but come on it’s Primark… Clearly a cheap copy of the original KKW products and the brush is okay if you’re in a bind but I stuck with my regular brushes I use.KKW Beauty Dupe?! WTF?- MAHALA

The cream highlight is straight out yellow, so never got a chance to go on my skin, the shimmer highlight is okay… The contour is where it is at, the deeper shade is a no go for me, but the lighter one I absolutely adore! The cool toned cream contour blends beautifully and gives me a great contour. The eyebrow highlighter is okay too, but it’s something I wasn’t blown away with and haven’t used again.

So out of 5 products there is one resounding hit for me… Hilariously I’ve been contemplating buying another kit just for the one shade as it’s such a great match for me. That being said I don’t know how many people this one fits all product *eye roll* will be suitable for and the shimmer highlights aren’t in my opinion worth getting just for them. Primark’s attempt of KKW Beauty dupe hasn’t been successful… this time!

Are you a fan of Primark makeup? What’s your favourite beauty product atm?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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