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For years now I have wanted the gorgeous white Hollywood mirrors the likes of Carli Bybel and other YouTube beauty gurus have, alas I don’t have the space or the spare £200 needed for such a glam mirror. If you’re like me, an avid makeup lover you’ll have at one time applied your makeup, headed outside and found you look completely different in natural light, that’s the problem with living in the U.K. (you need more artificial light inside).

DIY Hollywood Mirror- MAHALA

My fiancé Sam very sweetly randomly surprised me with Hollywood Style LED lights (£21.99) from Chende, a cheapish brand on Amazon. The plastic bulbed lights come as a connected string, and have a sticky back so they can be stuck on to mirrors or in my case the wall around the mirror. Essentially allowing you to turn any mirror into a Hollywood one. The wire between each bulb can easily be adjusted so you can put these around a range of different sized mirrors, and after 30 mins with the help of Sam, they were up and working.

The bulbs are powered by a plug in socket and can be turned on to one setting (which is mega bright) by a touch button, that’s the only downside I’d say, they are a bit too bright to use first thing in the morning. They take some time to get used to if you’re used to putting your makeup on in dim light! Honestly, the picture doesn’t do the bulbs justice, as they are really bright…

I’ve had these lights for just over a week around my bathroom mirror and they are great to use for applying makeup and grooming, you can see EVERYTHING and see how badly you’ve been blending! If you have been wanting a Hollywood mirror, and you’re on a budget this is a fantastic alternative.– I highly recommend!

Do you have a Hollywood Mirror? What’s your beauty set up?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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