I’m lying in bed as I write this as I’ve got some sort of cold, flu, bug thing that’s made me feel pretty rotten. As puffy and tiny eyed as my face is, I think I’ll spare you from a makeup look today. Instead I’ll share with you some of my current beauty favourites.


Hangover Primer – Too Faced

I was wary of trying this as coconut isn’t really my thing, but I swatched it a while back on the back of my hand when I went to Carnaby Street to the brands new London store on my b-day and loved how it felt on my skin. The creamy primer gives my skin the added moisture it needs, whilst helping foundation cling to the skin letting it last longer on the face.

For me this primer gives my skin the pick me up it needs for a nice smooth application of base products.

IMG_1943-1Mon Guerlain Perfume

I have a mini version, actually all my perfume is mini… A few years back I had quite a few full sized perfumes, but I didn’t use them enough and they went off and smelt minging. That being said, I have been reaching for this scent a lot. It is a beautiful feminine scent of lavender and vanilla. It’s sweet fragrance perfect for the warmer months.

I have the body lotion of this perfume in my current GIVEAWAY, a big version not a mini!

Shade & Light Face Contour Palette – Kat Von D

I wish I had invested in this product sooner!

After seeing the Kat Von D Beauty Team at the Glamour Beauty Festival I was pretty hyped up to buy some of their products, I’m sucker for any type of marketing it seems. *sigh*

The gothic packaging is made of sturdy plastic and definitely stands out from my collection of white palettes and My Little Pony from Colourpop. I tend to only use the 4 paler shades, as well as you guessed it I’m pretty pale. I honestly thought I’d stick to the contour shades as I didn’t think I’d want to use a brightening powder. How I was wrong! I have been loving the yellow shade to brighten the under eye area. The lightest highlight shade has been great for setting foundation and for keeping me matte throughout the day.

The formula of the powders makes blending effortless and the combination of shades allows you to mix and match to best suite you. I have been loving this palette so much that it’s taken over from my well loved Benefit Hula Bronzer.


What’s your current beauty favourite? Are you a fan of any of the products I’ve mentioned above?- Be sure to comment to let me know. 

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