The Royal Peach Palette | REVIEW

I know, I know the Royal Peach Palette ($45) isn’t anything new, I just wanted it for ages and finally have gotten round to trying it out.

The Royal Peach Palette | REVIEW
The palette itself is thick and clunky. The cardboard palette looks quite cheap in person and tacky when you compare it to the sleeker smaller palettes the brand has released. The carton it comes in with Kylie’s eyes is much nicer than the the plain rose gold print.Royal Peach Palette | REVIEW

The shadows themselves aren’t creamy, being more on the powdery side. That being said I didn’t experience any fall out and it was quite easy to use and build up for great colour pay off. The website says they give a medium coverage that can be built up, this is completely accurate!

There’s are combination of different shades to make different looks, not just peachy ones which makes it more versatile. The mattes and satin shadows give you some great transition shades and pops of colour for bolder looks, the blue shade is calling me! The metallic shades are finely milled and give soft metallic finishes.

A couple of the shadow pans spin in the palette, this could be a fault that’s occurred from being shipped all the way to the UK. I just worry that they might pop out sooner rather than later.

I was inspired by this pretty look from the Kylie Cosmetics’ instagram page and made it a bit more my own by adding some false lashes and of course so eyeliner; I can’t function without liner!

Overall this palette is nice and I’ll be reaching for it to create more looks, but do I think you need it..? It’s not a bad palette and I think if you want the colour combinations go for it. However, if you want a peach palette go for the Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced, the shadows are creamier and smell amazing. I just feel everything from the packaging down to the shadows are something a bit special than Kylie’s Royal Peach Palette.

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    1. Totally get what you mean, eyeshadow is way more a personal choice I find compared to other products! I’m still very scared of using blacks and creating smoky eyes lol.

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