Skincare products are right up there (maybe slightly behind) my passion for makeup. Looking after my skin has increased my confidence as I’ve been able to improve aspects of my skin which used to bother me.- I hated the size of my pores and was constantly using pore filling primers like Benefit’s POREfessional (£27.50), which helped the appearance of my skin when I used makeup, but not in general.

Every so often my face gets a bit spotty and needs some extra TLC, probably hormones at work! When I’m feeling a bit gross I crack out L’oréal’s Pure Clay Purity Mask (£6.39), put a thin layer on the areas of my face that need a good cleansing, sit back and let it dry. It’s pretty tight on the skin when dry, and you can feel it working to clear out your pores.

L'oreal Purity Mask | REVIEW- MAHALA

I don’t use this mask religiously as I have combination skin, which in the winter months is more on the drier side. I tend to mix my face masks, and take notice of what my skin needs. Some days I may need to use a purity mask where as on another I might benefit more from a moisturising mask. There’s no point in wearing a purity mask if your skin is dry as it’ll just make it drier.

My top tip- Pop in the shower after you do a clay mask, the hot water makes the mask come off quicker, definitely so much easier than hunching over the skin with a flannel and scrubbing!

L'oreal Purity Mask | REVIEW- MAHALA

The mask made my skin feel really clean and soft, and helped any blemishes to “dry up” as such. The next day my skin felt more matte and clear.

For the price, the product is really great. It works effectively and the glass container it comes in keeps it  all air tight whilst feeling kinda pricey (if that makes sense!). Next I’ll be trying the face washes to see if they’re as good as the face mask.

Are you a fan of this face mask? What’s your favourite skincare product I should try?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎