Today I thought I’d share a topic I’ve touched on a few times here on my blog, and something that I feel is in society which I think a lot of people don’t realise is there. Yet another stigma…

Like a lot of you know my makeup journey happened pretty late in life and because of that I’ve had both sides of the makeup shaming game.- Getting abuse for wearing makeup and before that for going bare faced. I’ve been shamed in front of a group of people multiple times, and can I point out just for context I was wearing natural base with eyeliner and mascara so we aren’t talking about anything flamboyant here.

Because I don’t know what way the shaming is going to go I seem to have been getting embarrassed lately to say I’m beauty blogger, as I’m thinking their thinking oh all she thinks about is makeup or on the other side some people might be thinking ewww she’s a beauty blogger but she’s not wearing any makeup.

The thing I find bizarre is that some people take it as a personal attack that the way I decide to present myself to world somehow infringes on their morals. I’ve been asked “Are you insecure?”, “Do you have bad skin?” and then I’m given the whole lecture on how people should be their true themselves.

Firstly, I’m happy with myself like 98% of the time, we all wake-up some mornings and think who is this? Secondly, my skin is the best it’s ever been since I’ve gotten into makeup, all the cleansing and toning has done wonders for my pores and I don’t always wear base makeup. I love makeup free days too!

Graduation- My Tips & Tricks- MAHALA

Interestingly since I’ve moved from Plymouth to near London, wearing makeup is more the norm and going bare faced is also more accepted here. I felt in the student community you had to wear the “right” level of makeup to show you’d made an effort, but not enough to look unique or to stand out. This balance was nerve wracking to crack as a newbie experimenting with makeup.

When it comes to being yourself, if being yourself involves expression on the outside to best represent the inside, I’m all for it. It’s a concept I heard at the Kat Von D masterclass last weekend and it has really resonated with me.

At the age of twenty-four I have finally (better late than never) come to the opinion that I don’t give a f@$& anymore. Clearly I won’t rock up to work with black lipstick, but if I don’t want to wear makeup I’m not going to and vice versa. Makeup is a bit of fun for me,  but it also helped me get a routine and boosted my confidence when I had chronic fatigue two years ago. The practise isn’t always about hiding, it can be an art.

Have you been makeup shamed? Or have you been shamed for going bare?- Be sure to comment so we can chat and end the stigma! ♥︎