Going it alone at Glamour Beauty Festival 2018

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As I was scrolling through Instagram last month an ad for Glamour Beauty Festival popped up, of course I instantly clicked it and instantly wanted to go. I know a lot my lovely readers are makeup fanatics, but I don’t actually know anyone in real life not that you aren’t all real! But I don’t have anyone close to me who has the same beauty obsession…

No one I know, knows every shade of Kylie Cosmetics lipstick or gets upset that Too Faced releases are months behind the US; so after some persuasion from my mum I decided to go by myself.Going it alone at the Glamour Beauty Festival- MAHALA

The festival is 3-day event held at the Saatchi Gallery and I decided on spending half a day, which I thought was enough. My afternoon ticket was from 2:30-6:30 and it entitled me to one talk, a treatment and a goodie bag. The festival had stalls for skincare, makeup, hair, nails and so much more, from brands including Pixi, Kat Von D and Revlon.

The Saatchi Gallery had been decorated throughout giving off vibes of confident 21st century… well it basically screamed Glamour. I loved the pink walkway that greets you when you arrive.

I lined up for the GHD booth as I didn’t feel like getting my makeup done or having it removed for a facial but it was a popular treatment and after a fifteen minute wait and being told I’d have an hour or more wait, I decided to go get a hand massage from the perfume brand Mon Guerlain. Which smells amazing btw!

Going it alone at the Glamour Beauty Festival- MAHALA

My favourite part of the event was getting my hair down at Schwarzkopf,  I wish I had gotten a better picture but I was running to beauty masterclass talk. Getting my hair done is closely followed by the Feel Unique booth where you could choose any five free mini/sample products out of the hundred popular products they sell.

For the whole event, you basically are paying for brands to try and get you to buy their products, but there was a lot of free products available and I didn’t buy a single thing. There was free prosecco and even protein bars being handed out so I didn’t have to buy food. Overall my day cost around £50, including my all day travel card to London and my ticket for the festival.

Going it alone at the Glamour Beauty Festival- MAHALA

As I was early buying my ticket I was lucky enough to get a spot to see the amazing Kat Von D beauty team, I learnt a lot of new techniques and feel so inspired and empowered to try more flamboyant looks, just watch this space!

By the end of the event my arm was sore from my jazzy bag full of free products, but I was happy I got over my insecurities and went to this event for myself. I will definitely be going again, I’d even go by myself again as it was the perfect pamper day. I highly recommend you all go next year and if you want to do something alone don’t be put off by it, sometimes ‘me time’ is great!

The only downside for being alone was I didn’t have anyone to take cute pictures of me next to the amazing backdrops…

Were you at the Glamour Beauty Festival? What beauty events have you been?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎


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  1. That all looked like a good time (and freebies are almost always a sign that you’re at something good)! This makes me want to try to going on my own solo adventures as well!

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