Ramblings on a snowy day

Hello again,

One minutes it’s snowing, the next the suns out and it’s like Spring; as I’m writing this it’s a cold snap (for now) and I’m sat up against the radiator getting toasty. I’m struggling to stick with a topic to write about and have been going back and forth between a couple of brand posts the last couple of hours. Not in silence of course, with The Arrangement on in the background. If you love shitty competition programs, you’ve got to watch it! It’s about flower arranging and there is so much bitchiness and sassiness.Ramblings on a snowy day- MAHALA

After four hours I’ve decided to sleep on it and see if I’m happy with anything I’ve written in the morning, anyone else bit of a perfectionist?- It’s a blessing and a curse, am I right?

Tonight I’m trying to get my hands on a couple of pieces from the Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection, which is clearly inspired by here babies new name, Stormi.– Superp marketing right there! I’d been disappointed by the look and quality of some of her more recent collections (KKW creme lipsticks were a bust for me), feeling it was just over hyped same old same old. But the whole colour scheme and packaging of this one has really interested, it’s something different. It’s been a long time since I tried to order from the site on six different devices.

GUYS- I have some exciting new projects that I’m working on at the minute, which will be shared with you guys soon… I’m anxious about doing something new, but I think it’s time.

In the meantime let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Have you got snow where you’re reading from in the world? Are you excited about the Weather Collection?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎


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