Since I started this blog two years ago, I have tried a lot of beauty products… Some great and some that went straight in the bin. A few products get praise beyond the blog and I spread the word to my friends and family…

Bh Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette (£22)

I had this palette delivered to my mum’s house and the second I opened it my sister wanted it. There’s something universal about the palette with the mix of neutrals and metallics, which I think makes it really likeable. After I tried it out and gave my thumbs up my sister quickly bought this off of Urban Outfitters.

Stylpro Brush Cleaner (£39.99)

I was very kindly sent this product to try and was amazed at how it cleaned my brushes so thoroughly. I was a bit put off by the price as at the time I was a poor student and I clean my brushes thoroughly by hand anyway, but it is a must for a lazy makeup lover. For my sister it’s perfect for her, as her brushes need some serious TLC.

Products my family bought because of me- MAHALA

Micellar water (£1.99)

I got my mum and sister onto this, as it is a simple step you can do anytime of day and it makes a huge difference. Micellar water removes makeup, dead skin cells and gets rid of the pollution our cells absorb from the air. This is so important to do as some pollution can be a carcinogen, but it can also cause premature ageing.

Garnier sheet mask (£2.99 £1.99)

Another Garnier staple of mine, of course is the Moisture Bomb mask, not much of a surprise I know! It’s a perfect pick me up when  my skin is a bit dry or tired. I’ve turned my sister and my fiancé’s mother onto these sheet masks, as they’re a great way to moisturise the face if like me you hate moisturiser.

I have found the Garnier products have gone up in price recently, but most things have! I just want to point out that a MAC lipstick is now £17.50! When I now see Garnier products on sale I tend to stock up big time, as they’re something I’ll always need more of.

What products have you got your friends and family on to?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎