Revolution products I’m loving ATM

Revolution products I’m loving ATM

Hello! This week has been hectic so blogging has taken the back seat, which sucks as I blog as it’s what I do in a my me-time, I love makeup and writing, so put the two together and it’s my thing. I’ve only watched like two episodes of Friends as well, and that is just uncalled of for me, so tonight I’ve sat down and going to share with you my three fave products from Revolution, that I can’t stop using…

Makeup Revolution is a god send for makeup lovers on a budget, the low end brand has made waves recently with their amazing quality and affordable dupes. The UK brand is constantly churning out new exciting products and I’m starting to lose track of them all!


Is this £4 concealer worth the hype?- MAHALA

Conceal and define concealer (£4)

I reviewed this must have last month, it’s been everywhere in the beauty community and has sold out worldwide. It pigmented and creamy, and blends out beautifully. For £4 this is my new favourite concealer and I have a selection of shades for concealing and highlighting.

Liquid highlighter in the shade Starlight (£6)

I wanted to have a blinding highlight because sometimes I want to look unbelievably plastic and I’ve become increasingly into shiny things lately… Glitter, highlighter, money (just kidding!). I picked up the shade Starlight and it’s a pretty pink silver.

The liquid highlighter comes with a dropper, so you can add it straight to the face. But to avoid looking like the Tin Man I put a drop on the back of my hand and I dap it on and blend. Personally it’s a going out-out product for myself, but that’s cause I go a bit more natural(ish) for work.

Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice (£4)

This palette has been my go to ATM, I dip into a few shades to get different finishes depending on what I’m feeling. It comes with two pans which I’d say are blush toppers to give a more glowy look. For £4 I am once again incredibly impressed, the pigmentation is better than my Kylie Cosmetics’ blush and the eight shades let you have a blush to go with any look.

The packaging isn’t luxury standard with they products, but with the quality of the products themselves feeling so high-end I don’t care. With the success of these three products which in total only cost me £16, an absolute bargain I must say, I have my eye on some other Makeup Revolution products that I want to add to my ever growing makeup collection!

What are your fave Revolution products? What’s your go to budget friendly brand?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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