I know I say it every week, but Happy Hump Day! I get excited on Wednesday’s as the next day is Thursday and then the weekend is nearly here.

MAC has some iconic lipsticks that never go out of fashion, one being Velvet Teddy (£17.50) a matte nude which I’m a massive fan of and Ruby Woo (£17.50) an intense red lipstick. I went for the shadescents version, it’s the same price and formula as the original, I just wanted the limited edition packaging.


Velvet Teddy

MAC Ruby Woo, is it worth the hype?- MAHALA

Ruby Woo lip liner & lipstick

My top tip- Before you buy a red lipstick do your research and find out what under tone you should opt for to get a good match. You might be better suited to a orange under tone if you have warmer skin tone, it’s best if you can to do your research or swatch in store.

I pair the lipstick with the matching Ruby Woo lip pencil (£14), it’s pigmented and gives a clean sharp line around the lips. Perviously I’d been disappointed with MAC lipliners as they were really stiff, but I really like Ruby Woo. I think that my shitty experience might be down to the lip liner being in a Christmas gift set, so maybe the quality wasn’t quite there? The lipstick is deep and rich in colour, one swipe isn’t enough as it’s matte so I find I have to do lots of little swipes.

MAC Ruby Woo, is it worth the hype?- MAHALA

MAC describe the lipstick as “very matte” which automatically makes me think dry and crispy, but it’s really comfortable on the lips so much so that it’s one of the lightest lipsticks I’ve ever worn. It also doesn’t transfer easily, which is always a mega positive in my books as I helplessly cringe inside when I leave a massive lipstick transfer on glasses when I’m out. The lipstick did go in the middle of my lips, when I ate which isn’t too surprising I was having spaghetti bolognese after all. A quick sneaky swipe at the table and I was fine.

Please forgive my tired eyes in the photo, it was taken after a long day at work and clearly working full time is starting to take it’s toll lol!

Honestly, I did feel a bit self-conscious wearing this lipstick as it is out of comfort zone which is practically just nudes, which aren’t bright as after all they are nudes. Ruby Woo is incredibly comfortable for the price of the lipstick and liner I wasn’t disappointed, I can definitely see why this lipstick is a cult classic.

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? What iconic lipstick should I try out next?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎