Some Body Review | Yuck or Tasty?

Happy Hump Day lovelies!

When my sister took a look at the bottle of the Strawberry Flavour Protein Shake (£1.79) from Superdrug’s new health and wellness range, Some Body, she said “You bulking up?”, of course I laughed. I have no interest in being muscly, but I do love strawberries I even wear strawberry deodorant, so when Superdrug kindly sent me over some protein shakes to try I was super excited to review them, as I love makeup but sometimes it’s fun to try something else for you guys.

Some Body Review | Yuck or Tasty?

Why have a protein shake?

-Have it before a work out for energy.

-Have it after a work out to bulk up.

-Drink a shake instead of having a meal to help lose weight, of course you need to have a healthy balanced diet as well to see results.

Like any old review we have to talk about the packaging… I like it, it’s sleek and girlie, and it fits perfectly in my bag. The smooth pastel pink shake is creamy and tastes exactly like strawberry milk. It’s quite thin in consistency and tastes best cold.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome so lack energy sometimes and by drinking one of these shakes I thought it would give me an extra boost before a long walk, I didn’t notice anything spectacular but it is quite filling so would work well as a meal supplement and it only has 172 calories! For the last few months I’ve been experimenting with food as something really upsets my stomach, sadly I think it’s dairy so probably won’t be drinking these again as they’re essentially flavoured milk. So I’ve passed my remaining bottles over to my boyfriend who’s been enjoying them.

I do recommend the Some Body Strawberry Protein Shakes to the gym bunnies out there who need a boost or for those looking to lose some weight, they are tasty and conveniently sized for storing in the fridge and taking them out and about. For those lactose intolerant definitely give them a miss!

Do you like protein shakes? What’s your favourite Superdrug product atm?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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  1. It’s a shame that pretty much every single protein drink contains milk… Also if you think you’re sensitive to dairy you should be careful with soy products too, there’s often a cross-allergy at work.

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