When I was in my TOWIE phase or you can call it my fake phase, I was big into false nails. It was six years ago and I was so dark from my fake tan addiction people thought I was a different race, cringe I know! I was off work on Friday giving me a long weekend; with my sister’s birthday on Saturday I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop on some falsies and have epic nails for the weekend. That was the dream, anyway…

The Elegant Touch Holiday Collection – Bora Bora (£7.79) comes with different sized nails to get your perfect fit, a tiny nail file and some nail glue. I have tiny nails and quite small hands, although I feel in pictures my hands look hulkish, the nails were way too long for me. I cut them and filed them down to the desired length and shape, and luckily they didn’t crack or break. Putting them on takes no time at all, but the fiddling around with filing and cutting took ages!

Elegant Touch Nails | Fabulous or Flop? - MAHALA

My top tip- If the false nails hurt they might be too small or the length is too long for your natural nail to cope with, try cutting and filing them to remove some pressure. Also, try different sizes on your nails before applying them to get a perfect match.

I put these on Thursday night, they made it through the night but by the time I got dressed two nails had already come off and gotten lost. Stupid me changing the size meant I had to glue on new ones and play around with the length to match the rest of my nails. An hour later and half way to train station to go shopping two more had already popped off and I’d lost all my patience with these nails. I got bored and pried the nails off, and I’ve had thick glue on my nails for the last two days. I’m sure acetone will take off the glue, but I don’t have any, I’ve found picking it off brings them up fine without damaging the nails.

The nails look beautiful on and I would wear these again, but I’d pop them on an hour before wanting to show them off. These nails are definitely not a practical beauty product. I’ve bought some different nail glue, so that might prolong the wear (fingers crossed). Overall I guess they are a pretty flop, as you can’t really wear them!

What’s your favourite nail product? Have you got any false nail tips?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎