With all the hype surrounding Pat McGrath's makeup from the likes of NikkieTutorials, is it actually worth the hype?

Pat McGrath is legendary, if you have no idea who I’m talking about shame on you… That’s something some beauty guru would say, honestly I thought Pat was a dude and I only found out about her after NikkieTutorials reviewed the MatteTrance lipsticks claiming they were the best in the world. Vogue has labelled Pat as the most influential makeup artist in the world, something I’ve clearly learnt from Nikkie! When I opened my birthday presents from my boyfriend last month and saw the classic Pat McGrath Labs plastic packaging I lost my sh*t.

Pat McGrath Labs, is it worth the hype?- MAHALAPat McGrath Labs, is it worth the hype? - MAHALA

The lipstick and gloss come in a sealed plastic container sort of like what you they use on Masterchef vacuum pack meat, but this is way jazzier of course. The sequins go everywhere… LiquiLust 007 Duo ($35) in the shade Femme Moderne comes with a pale nude liquid lipstick and an astral lip gloss that’s supposedly “elevates lip artistry to create opulent ombrés and surreal shine”.

Pat McGrath Labs, is it worth the hype? - MAHALA

With the reputation that goes behind the brand I was expecting the best lipstick and gloss that’s ever touched my lips, and honestly I wasn’t completely amazed by the duo. The liquid lipstick glides on smoothly and feels silky. It’s comfortable to wear and there’s definitely no stickiness or hideous crusting. My problem is that there’s no staying power. Of course it’s not going to stay put when you eat a huge cheeseburger, but it faded while I walked around in a bit of rain and drank a couple of sips of water. I think a major problem is that it is so pale so it is going to lift quicker than darker shades…

The gold and pink glitter gloss can be applied with a finger or brush, on top of the lipstick or worn alone. I definitely get the feel that this is for professional use just from how the gloss is in a hygienic tube for client use. A little goes a long way to make the lips look shiny and plump, like the lipstick it’s comfortable to wear and non-sticky. I still need to try actually mixing the liquid lipstick with the gloss to see what that’s like.

Pat McGrath Labs, is it worth the hype? - MAHALA

I think the uniqueness of the packaging does make it look like it’s come out of some glitzy lab and I’m reluctant to part with all the sequins, but I do have to say I am slightly disappointed by the liquid lipstick from this brand based on it’s staying power, it’s not the best in the world and it’s certainly not the best I’ve tried so far. I think it’s more of a model finish rather than a practical look to be worn out. I guess I’ll have to try out Nikkie’s recommendation to see if Pat can live up to the name…

Have you tried anything from Pat McGrath? Do you think it’s all hype?- Be sure to comment to let me know!