Pores, what can I say… it’s been a battle with them this year and I think I’ve finally won the war! Rewind to when I first started this blog, my skin was dry and my pores were pronounced, I also had some black heads on my nose which didn’t bother me that much. This year though I’ve gotten really REALLY into wearing makeup almost everyday, I’ve been trying to perfect my skin for flawless makeup application. Of course there’s primers out there which blur and fill in pores, which are great but I wanted a long term solution. Ever since changing up and experimenting with products I’ve come up with what’s worked for me.

6 ways to reduce pore size- MAHALA

Cleanse not once but twice

Estèe Lauder told me to do this, and I can’t recommend this more. Even my mums being cleansing with my all time favourite Garnier Micellar Water. Cleansing removes makeup and dirt, even if you don’t have makeup on you should cleanse, as your skin will be absorbing pollution from the air which can result in premature ageing and cleansing will remove this nastiness.


Gentle exfoliation of the face a couple times a week will remove dead skin, old makeup and blocked pores.

Pore strips

Now don’t go too nuts with these as extraction of pores can leave them open and cause pore sagging, as well as making them vulnerable to getting clogged again. For the best result use a pore strip after you’ve had a hot shower, it will have opened your pores meaning more gunk will come out with the strip. It’s just so satisfying seeing that you’ve removed so much grossness…



I lived without toner for a month and I noticed a dramatic change in my skin when I went back to using my trusty Garnier Rose Toner. It removes dirt which often the Micellar Water misses, it reduces redness and minimises pore size. It’s perfect to use after a pore strip as it tightens up the open pores. Every now and again, I’ll use a compressed face mask (no idea what I mean? Check out my post on them!) with toner for a longer treatment.



Keep on top of your drinking!

I really fail when it comes to drinking water, so I downloaded the app Plant Nanny which helps you keep track of your water consumption throughout the day. Every time you have a drink you go to the app where you water a plant, if you haven’t checked in enough you’ll get a notification that your plant is thirsty. Ever since I’ve started using it I’ve been drinking a lot more, even if my plant has nearly died on me a few times…


I hate moisturiser, just the way it sits on the skin, nope it’s not for me. When it comes to moisturising my face I’ll use face masks, and Hydraulic acid from The Ordinary Company. Like drinking water moisturising the face nourishes you cells, if you were dehydrated your cells would shrink and your pores will be more noticeable.

I try to follow these six steps, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with the condition of my skin. Of course I get a spot now and again, but who doesn’t? Hope you guys found this  post useful.

What’s your favourite skincare product? What should I review here on my blog?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎