I thought I’d been good this year, but clearly not! Tonight I tried out this cute and festive mask from The Crème Shop, a Charcoal Sheet Mask that’s meant to detox and renew the skin. I was torn by all the festive masks at of course TK Maxx (surprise, surprise, I know I’m starting to sound like Nikkie Tutorials and her Hoola Light), as apart from Santa’s List there were elf and snowman themed sheet masks. I resisted and picked up a pack of five for £4.99, a pound a mask isn’t too bad going.

Santa's Naughty List... Face Mask!- MAHALA

The packaging just makes me smile and that’s where the festive feeling ends, the mask is pitch black and plain. I was kind of hoping for a Santa face or something a bit fun. Oh well, suppose I can’t see my own face! A positive is that the mask has tonnes of clear serum so no gross charcoal clean up.

After cleansing and toning, I popped this mask on and waited 20 mins. Terrifying selfie, I know.-Face masks just aren’t made to look good.

I got a bit of tingling, which the packaging assured me was fine: “Feel a tingling? Perfect! That means it’s working”… right. Ever since my burn incident with a Lush mask, tingling gets me worried, The Crème Shop even pointed out that it’s a gentle mask and can be used everyday. I don’t know who has the time for that, but if you suffer from dry skin it’s something to consider.

The mask left my skin feeling clean and refreshed, whilst feeling hydrated. It’s a nice face mask and I’ll be using the Santa’s List face mask again, except it’ll feel a bit odd after Christmas!

What’s your favourite face mask? What Christmas themed beauty products have you been using?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎