Morphe 35R Palette Review

When it comes to Morphe, the brand is pretty high up there when it comes to controversy, I won’t get into it today but it has made me a bit unsure of the quality of the products and whether high profile affiliates do actually believe in the brand or they just want the coin that comes from consumers using their discount codes. With high profile names like Manny MUA and Jaclyn Hill gushing about the products all the time, who of course happen to be affiliates (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but you do wonder if it is actually as good as they say.

Morphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

I’m just an average makeup lover and blogger, I didn’t buy the 35R Morphe palette (£23), in fact it was a birthday present from my sister who got it off of BeautyBay. Like all my reviews, here’s my honest opinion of my first Morphe product.

Morphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

The very brown palette has 35 eyeshadows from matte to metallic finishes in a range of browns and golds. You get everything in the palette for a whole eye look, which is what you want considering how many shadows there are. From my first impression of the palette which was swatching them for photos, I was really impressed with the pigmentation. The black metallic really threw me as that’s the colour which is often poor in a palette, but this one is mega pigmented.

For the price point I think the packaging is alright, it’s sleek and thin; and the plastic case is pretty sturdy, perfect for travelling.

Morphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

The shadows blend out nicely on the lid and wear well with a eyeshadow primer. The metallic shades do go on with a brush, but like all metallic shades if you dampen the brush you get a better pay off and this palette is no exception to this rule.

Morphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

Looking at the palette you can say there are some repeat shades, but they actually have different undertones giving you a different colour pay off. I do have a lot of similar shades in palettes I already own like the original Carli Bybel Palette and the iconic Sweet Peach Palette, so if you’re not a mega brown/gold eye fan and already have these palettes I say give the 35R a miss.

Overall I think this palette is pretty good for the price and I’m looking forward to trying out more combinations. I went a bit light and simple in the look picture, I definitely need to try more of a darker smokey eye next. After liking this palette I’m now even more intrigued to try out their brushes as this is where there’s been a lot of conflicting reviews going round. This palette gets a thumbs up from me.

Are you a Morphe fan or have you been avoiding the brand?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

5 thoughts on “Morphe 35R Palette Review

  1. I have not tried morphe yet- I can see how that palette would have some duplicates, they all look very similar. However those are the only colors I wear so maybe it would work well for me lol

  2. I have quite a few Morphe palettes and I really do like them, it is sad however that they do mark up their palettes heavily because of the name etc. I cannot believe that just because Jaclyn Hill has her name on the palette that they can charge so much.

    1. I just had a look online as I didn’t realise how much the price difference was for the normal palettes compared to the Jaclyn one, it’s nuts that they’ve done that! What’s your favourite Morphe palette?- I’m thinking of trying out another one.

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