Happy Saturday!

I am writing this completely exhausted, travelling really makes me tired. Today I have another skincare post for you…

Compressed Face Mask 1

You know those flannels which are compressed into a small blob and when waters added they open up so you can use it, now imagine that but for a face mask. For the last few months I’ve been periodically trying Compressed Face Masks from Beauty Bits Australia. A brand I’ve never heard of before, has anyone? I haven’t seen Compressed Face Masks anywhere other than in TK Maxx, but when writing this post up I did find several options on ebay… you can get 100 off of ebay for around £4 (so if you are intrigued to try it yourself or want enough masks for a year or so, you can get a lot at quite a low price!) I think the masks I tried were around £5 for a tub containing 25.

Each face mask comes individually wrapped and there doesn’t seem to be any differences between the two colours. All you have to do is peel the lid off and set the container down, then pour in the tiny bowl container what you want the mask to absorb for your face. I’ve tried: serum (The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid), toner (Garnier’s Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water) and different types of moisturisers.

Compressed Face Mask

What I have found is that the more liquid and thin the product, the better the mask absorbs the product (no surprise there really!). Toner works the best and saturates the mask quickly causing it to grow, then you unravel the mask and pop it on your face. The Ordinary serum took considerably longer for the mask to suck up the product and when I unravelled it, it was a bit stiff and crunchy in the middle. I did add more serum while the mask was on the face as I felt it didn’t feel moist enough. The worst product to use with these masks hands down, has to be moisturiser. It doesn’t absorb and when you unravel the stiff mask it splits.-Boo!

The masks feel like very thin generic face masks, which can easily be ripped if you try. They are comfortable on the skin and of course they have the eyes etc. cut out for easy wear, although I did notice that they are quite small for a face mask. I was okay as I have quite a small head, but I do think it could be potentially problematic.

Final Verdict- I think this product is perfect if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to change up your skincare routine with a face mask which you might react to. Using your tried and tested products is definitely a draw with these quick and simple masks, if and only if the product is actually going to be absorbed properly by the mask. If it doesn’t it sort of defeats the point of using a mask. I will continue to use these masks with toner as I think they are fantastic for toning the face for a few minutes and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed afterwards. For moisturiser I’ll stick with applying it straight to my face.

Have you tried a compressed face mask? What gimmicky skincare or makeup should I try out next?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎