Graduation!- My Tips & Tricks

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I graduated with my masters in Creative Writing which is an end to five years at university. I moaned and have gone on about my studies a lot, but now I’m done. Now onto adulting! I’d learnt a few things from my previous graduation which I put to practice this time around and some you guys might find these useful for graduations or big events you might be going to…

Graduation- My Tips & Tricks- MAHALAGraduation- My Tips & Tricks- MAHALA

Take photos 1st

Whether it’s professional photos or selfies take them at the beginning or before the start of the event, you’ll look your best and avoid long queues and crowds.

 Got to have a pouting graduation selfie!

Tried & Tested

Go for makeup that you know works for you and that you’re comfortable in. I went for my usual eyeliner and nude lips, and popped on some false lashes for a bit of added oomph! All the products I used have been tried and tested favourites so I didn’t have any unwanted surprises.


Select a couple of outfits and decide on the day, the weather or in my case how I felt on the day affected my outfit choice. I had options for snow too!

Two is Better Than One

Planning on wearing heels? Bring a spare pair of flats as a backup. If it’s outside you’ll avoid ruining your heels with mud and they might save your feet if you’re standing around a lot.


Take a moment to think about what you’ve achieved, graduating is a massive accomplishment and it’s your day!

Have you got any graduation tips? What should I review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

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