A few months ago those mini Instagram videos of mega glam women were trending, with them putting lip masks on before they precisely apply lipstick and pout. I love face masks and pick them up whenever I see an interesting one to try, except I avoid brightening ones as they don’t agree with me. When looking at masks make sure you’re using something that your face will actually benefit from!

Searching through TK Maxx I found this cute Tony Moly Lovely Lip Patch (£2.99) tucked away. When I used this my lips were in a bad way, I now always have a lip balm or gloss on me to avoid crispiness and it’s been working, so far… The mask is a thick piece of jelly that smells faintly of rose, what the Instagram ladies don’t show you is that it’s really hard to keep it on the lips. And the fact it feels weird having your mouth covered for fifteen.

After a few minutes the mask ripped and by the end time, it split into two. I laid back and let the mask do its thing (all of its pieces). Overall the mask made my lips feel a little softer and slightly moisturised, I think it’s a fun product for a girls night but it’s something I won’t be gravitating towards as I think serum from generic moisturising face masks do a better job than this lip mask.

Are you a fan of Tony Moly? What should I review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎