Will I be getting anything from Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series?

This post is a bit late and I’m tired, but I’m doing Day 9 of Blogmas even if it’s technically Day 10… I guess if I haven’t gone to sleep yet it’s still Day 9 (right?).

On the 13th of December Kylie Cosmetics is doing a massive release of not one, but three new product lines for her Silver Series. When the original Lip Kits hit the market back in the day, I used to get super excited when a new release dropped. After a few disappointing products I haven’t had the same feeling about the brand, until the news of the 20 creme formula lipsticks came out.

My new obsession has been generic creme lipsticks and the imprinted Kylie and the shade selection caught my eye. For $17 each I think that’s a fair price, if the formula and pigmentation is there. I found some shades I recognised like the purple and nudes, so when I found out the shades aren’t actually the same as the liquid lipstick ones I was disappointed. I would love some of my favourite shades like Candy K, Dolce K and Angel in a creme lipstick finish. I am intrigued though to try one out and see if they’re any good.



Kylie Cosmetics is branching away from lipstick and coming out with 30 new shades of concealer, this news just makes me think that Kylie uses Colourpop’s factory as they’ve recently come out with an AMAZING concealer collection. The packaging looks sleek and stylish. I’m waiting for a beauty guru to compare it to Colourpop’s one to see if in fact they’re the same…

The last collection announced is of course the brushes, which the internet has unanimously slated and it’s totally warranted. The price is way too high in my opinion, the whole 16 piece collection is $360! The quality doesn’t look amazing from the pictures, in particular the brush roll looks tacky AF. Let’s not forget that previous brushes from the brand haven’t had a lot of praise which makes me think these might be rubbish. The brushes range from $18 to $48, the top end price is for a large powder brush which is a bit ludicrous. I definitely won’t be parting my cash for any of these brushes.

Are you planning on getting Kylie’s new products? Is Kylie Cosmetics done with?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

*I do not own the images of the Kylie Cosmetics products in this post.

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  1. I’d be interested in trying out the concealer and lipstick, but I’m staying far away from them brushes! I don’t know why she needs to price it that high! It’s not like she needs the money… xx

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